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Young Teens

Welcome to the young teens section!!! The pages that belong to the young teens section is recommended for kids ages 12 to 15. You will get info on the hottest video games, the famous teens, and all the news a young teen would want to hear. You will also be able to play a few games that are recommended for your age group.
Remember not everything in life is free but being a member of Project Marshmellow is. To get all the benefits of a member you will need to click the Register button of to the side.
Benefits of being a member include and are not limited to:
  • Access to tons of online games while staying on the site.
  • Access to the forums where you can post chat with friends.
  • The ability to use the photo gallery to upload images to use on the site and the web.
  • Info on the hottest news.
  • And much more
So what are you waiting for??? Sign up and be a member! 

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